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International - Small Businesses

Do you need help growing your business beyond your current geography?

In today's globalized business environment, success is increasingly sought outside your own borders. And while domestic insurance policies typically do not have the coverage to help address overseas events, you need international business coverage that follows your business and your employees no matter where in the world they may go. That's why a growing number of multinational businesses are turning to CNA to help them manage their increasingly complex global property, casualty and professional risks.

Do you:

  • Have foreign sales, imports or exports?
  • Sell products over the Internet?
  • Have employees who travel outside the U.S. on business?
  • Have overseas facilities, licensing, subcontracting or joint ventures?
  • Have foreign suppliers?
  • Have payroll outside the U.S.?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, CNA can provide international coverage to help you navigate your business risks beyond geographic boundaries.

CNA's international business insurance solutions provide easy-to-understand business insurance coverage for a wide range of events, including Kidnap & Ransom (K&R), Automobile, Management and Professional Liability (MPL), Workers' Compensation, Defense Base Act, Medical Risk, Marine and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D).

  • CNA Passport® policy covers incidental exposures and safeguards against employee risks at small- to-medium sized companies, such as traveling or working abroad to visit clients and vendors, selling products globally and sponsoring international trips.
  • CNA WorldPass® policy is ideal for multinational companies with an established foreign presence, including offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouse locations outside of the United States.

CNA's Companion Services® provides emergency medical, personal and legal services to your insureds and their spouses or companions traveling abroad for business.

Because a loss can occur in any part of the world, you'll also have access to CNA's experienced and certified multinational Risk Control professionals grounded in the challenges multinational businesses face who will work closely with you to identify potential exposures and develop practical, enterprise-wide risk management strategies to address safety.

When claims do occur, our global claims managers are dedicated to working with you to understand your international business insurance needs and provide superior service.

Our worldwide network, broad product array, customer-focused underwriting and superior service, in tandem with our ability to navigate ever-evolving country-specific regulations and compliance issues, allows us to create innovative solutions for companies with international risk exposures.

Our integrated multinational platform seamlessly delivers expertise, market-leading products and capabilities to businesses of all sizes for domestic, international and global exposures. We write business around the globe through our branch network, and write specialist insurance solutions at Lloyd's via Syndicate 382 in London, Singapore and Shanghai.


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