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Count on CNA Warranty and Alternative Risks for extensive warranty insurance experience and expertly tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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For companies in many industries, transferring liability through contractual liability insurance policies is a cornerstone of a successful business model. It can also be an important risk management strategy to ensure continued operations and a healthy bottom line.


CNA has long been a leading underwriter in the inland marine, service contract, equipment maintenance solutions and vehicle protection plan markets. And our experienced Underwriting team can recommend warranty insurance solutions tailored to an organization's specific needs.


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Consumer & Commercial Division

Based in Chicago, IL, our Consumer and Commercial Division has over three decades of experience in warranty insurance, designing customized solutions to address complex regulatory, marketing and risk transfer needs across a wide range of products. With over $5 billion in annual gross revenue and an estimated 17% market share in the U.S., CNA is one of the largest and most experienced underwriters and providers of warranty-related products and insurance. CNA Warranty offers:


  • Comprehensive insurance, warranty and product protection solutions
    • Insure the obligations of third-party providers of warranties and service contracts in all industries
    • Suite of CNA obligor companies licensed to issue non-insurance contracts in all states
  • International capabilities in underwriting, risk management and reinsurance
  • Alternative risks – innovative programs for non-traditional and unusual risks
  • Industry focus: automotive, retailers, manufacturers (automotive and consumer products), home warranty companies, telecom carriers and financial institutions
  • Product segment focus:
    • Cell phone
    • Consumer electronics & products
    • Home products – appliances, furniture and home warranty
    • Commercial equipment (including equipment maintenance solutions and commercial trucking)
    • Credit insurance

Vehicle Division

CNA National, a wholly owned subsidiary based in Scottsdale, AZ, features a full-service automotive warranty insurance claim administration center and offers auto dealers a suite of automotive warranty and ancillary products through specialized agents and independent representatives.

Our Coverages

  • Automotive and Ancillary Products Service Contracts
  • Contractual Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Medical Equipment Service and Maintenance Agreements

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