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CNA Surety

CNA Surety delivers the expertise, product line, flexibility and attentive service to meet surety and fidelity bond requirements for businesses.

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Surety and fidelity bonds can play a significant role in helping address risk and potential loss for a growing business. Whether it's a surety bond to guarantee payment or a bond to guarantee work, we understand what businesses need and are responsive, flexible and focused on satisfying the unique bond requirements of our customers.

CNA Surety provides a full range of commercial and contract surety bonds in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. As one of the largest commercial insurance companies in the United States, we deliver a diverse product line, experienced underwriting and tailored solutions to bonding requirements. Our portfolio of surety products and services includes all types of contract and commercial surety bonds, including international capabilities focused on reverse flow risks in addition to small fidelity coverages and Notary and Tax Preparers’ E&O. And bONdLINE®, our streamlined, technologically advanced underwriting system for the issuance and reporting of transactional bonds, means quick, accurate turnaround on your transactional bond needs.


With response time being the key to many bonding situations, our experience, knowledge and ability to move quickly often makes us the surety and fidelity bond provider of choice.


For more information, please visit the CNA Surety website.

Our Products & Services


  • We provide bid, performance and payment bonds for all sizes and types of contractors. 
  • In addition to 36 domestic surety offices, we have locations in San Juan and Toronto with established fronting facilities to support international bonding needs.
  • Our highly skilled and responsive Underwriting staff is actively involved with local and national organizations that support the industry.
  • CNA Surety’s FAST-Track Bond Program provides streamlined underwriting for small contractors.


  • CNA Surety focuses on small and middle market accounts with traditional commercial surety bond needs.
  • Through our vast network of agents and brokers, CNA Surety meets the needs of customers ranging from individuals and smaller businesses to Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Our experienced commercial Underwriting staff provides customer service and expert underwriting that's unmatched in the industry.
  • We offer license and permit bonds, public official bonds, fiduciary bonds, court bonds, miscellaneous and federal bonds, and more.


  • We provide world-class customer service.
  • bONdLINE helps streamline the issuance and reporting of transactional bonds.
  • Online premium payment with credit card or ACH makes payment quick and simple.
  • Experienced Claims specialists who will help resolve claims as quickly as possible.


  • These bonds help protect businesses and their customers from losses incurred by the dishonest acts of employees.
  • We consider dishonesty bonds, janitorial services bonds, blanket and schedule fidelity bonds and pension trust (ERISA) bonds.


  • We offer valuable protection against innocent mistakes made by notaries and tax preparers.
  • We offer Notary Public E&O and Tax Preparers E&O insurance.

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