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Allied Vendors & Resources

Our Allied Vendor Program connects policyholders with companies to help develop critical programs and procedures that supplement CNA’s risk control offerings.

Risk Control Tools & Services

Risk Control Education

Access world-class risk control education through hands-on training, live and on-demand webinars, and our deep library of downloadable resources.


Need more information about managing your business risks?

Our Risk Control team has identified companies that offer services designed to strengthen an organization's risk control efforts, mitigate costly exposures and provide vital services outside of an insurance carrier's capabilities. The companies that participate in our Allied Vendor Program can assist in developing critical programs and procedures that will help create a safer, more secure work environment.

Lawyers Allied Vendor Program

Our Lawyers Allied Vendor Program provides recommendations for companies that can help law practices avoid and manage professional liability exposures and strengthen their risk control programs. Many of our allied vendors offer their services at preferred rates for CNA policyholders who reference the program.

Property-Related services

The following companies offer a wide range of valuable services that can support a company's risk control efforts – including cost-effective ways to avoid property damage, create a better work environment and plan for the unexpected.

  • Alert Labs is proud to offer its innovative AlertAQ™ water intelligence platform and IoT water sensors to CNA policyholders. These systems provide smart water leak detection to strategically safeguard commercial assets and people from potential damage and losses caused by water leaks, while identifying water inefficiencies. The technology's 24/7 remote monitoring functionality provides real-time alerts about water leaks, temperature and humidity, plus remote water shut-off capability, allowing CNA customers to avoid substantial repair costs and significantly reduce water bills. To date, Alert Labs’ system has aided customers in saving over $80 million in water costs. Visit to get started.
  • Harrington Group, Inc. (HGI) provides expert engineering and consulting services in the disciplines of industrial process safety, property loss control and fire protection in support of property risk control activities. CNA has aligned with HGI to provide Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) services to CNA clients who are looking to engage an outside consultant to perform a DHA at their facility when CNA loss control has identified the presence of combustible dust producing, processing, or handling equipment within a CNA insured facility.
  • Uptime Institute, LLC. In our digital-centric world, data center infrastructures are the basis for conducting business and have become the single largest capital asset owned by most corporations. These structures must be engineered and managed in accordance with strict guidelines and methodology to meet business continuity goals. When built and managed properly, the number of incidents is reduced and the overall business value is increased. CNA recognizes the Uptime Institute tier standards and certifications for data center design, construction, and operational sustainability which demonstrates a set of risk mitigation qualities that provide greater flexibility in the design of insurance products and services. Uptime Institute, LLC offers CNA policyholders a 10% discount on its services.

Casualty-Related services

The following companies provide services that address a range of risks, particularly as they relate to employee behavior, productivity and safety.

  • Applicant Insight®. CNA has teamed up with Applicant Insight, a world-class provider of criminal background screening and substance and occupational health testing. CNA policyholders receive competitive pricing, along with support and guidance to navigate the hiring and screening process of potential employees.
  • Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help employers avoid musculoskeletal injuries. Such injuries can take a personal and financial toll on employees and employers. Atlas IPS helps you consider the strengths and weaknesses of each solution to help find the right one for you. CNA policyholders receive a 10-20% discount on solutions including, but not limited to, job demands analysis, stretching programs and at-clinic early intervention.

  • The Center for Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS). Companies want their employees to feel safe and secure, both in the workplace and when traveling abroad. CPPS is the leading developer and provider of scalable training and consulting services in the U.S. for workplace violence prevention, active shooter response and high-risk travel. CPPS offers CNA policyholders a 20% discount on training solutions.
  • Clarion Safety. CNA’s Risk Control team and Clarion Safety have teamed up to provide expertise for product and workplace safety solutions compliant with U.S. and worldwide safety standards. That includes product safety labels, workplace safety signage, machinery safety/risk consulting, and digital safety/management. CNA policyholders receive a 10% discount on Clarion Safety products and services. Don't know the full scope of safety and warning issues to consider? Clarion Safety also provides CNA policyholders safety label and sign assessments free of charge.
  • ClickSafety is a leader in online safety and health training solutions for the construction, general and mining industries. It has delivered award-winning interactive safety training to over 10,000 organizations worldwide and was the first to offer the OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour safety courses online. Through CNA's allied vendor relationship with ClickSafety, CNA offers 300+ online courses, including more than 50 in Spanish, on wide-ranging topics relevant to companies in nearly any industry. OSHA Outreach courses are also provided. ClickSafety is an OSHA-authorized online Outreach provider. CNA policyholders receive a discount for all ClickSafety courses and access to CNA’s suite of complimentary SORCE® On Demand courses.
  • CNA CyberPrep is available to all CNA cyber policyholders, providing them with a network of cybersecurity professionals and services to actively identify, mitigate and respond to their cyber risks. CNA CyberPrep is modeled on industry-leading cybersecurity frameworks for standards, guidelines and best practices, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, and is rooted in strong partnerships with highly regarded cybersecurity professionals.
  • Gox Labs provides the world’s most advanced all-in-one enterprise safety solution to prevent future heat, fatigue, musculoskeletal, slips/trips/falls and fitness related injuries. It is the 2023 Safety Innovation Award winner from the US Steel Association for 100% elimination of heat injuries. It is the Samsung’s global solution for enterprise safety on their Galaxy wearables and mobile devices. Safety AI has been validated by the US Government, Samsung and private industry. It is currently used in 6 countries with significant impacts on safety and costs. CNA policyholders receive a minimum of a 10% discount for the AI powered Boost software solution. Start your journey towards a safer workforce by contacting Gox Labs.
  • J.J. Keller® provides safety and compliance solutions to help reduce workplace risk while meeting complex regulatory requirements, including DOT, OSHA and EPA. CNA insureds may receive a 10% discount on select resources, including J.J. Keller’s Safety Management Suite, Compliance Library and other tools to help manage safety programs and protect employees.
  • Levitate Technologies, Inc. provides the world's leading upper-body wearable exoskeleton that reduces fatigue and injury and improves productivity and quality. CNA partnered with Levitate to validate the AIRFRAME® exoskeleton for improving upper extremity musculoskeletal health for workers who engage in repetitive or static motion at shoulder level or overhead. Levitate offers the AIRFRAME to CNA policyholders at a discounted rate and provides support and expertise on this wearable technology.
  • Lytx’s video telematics and driver safety solutions use a video/dashcam platform to help identify and monitor risky and inefficient driving. Lytx's hardware, DriveCam event recorders, are installed in the cab and include embedded cameras and sensors to capture information regarding risky driving events such as hard braking, sudden acceleration, swerving, and excessive speed. The program collects data and correlates driver behaviors to provide useful fleet safety information. Lytx offers a 30% discount to CNA policyholders.
  • MindForge is a software platform that allows customers to establish a communication network with field personnel and put just-in-time safety information and education in the palm of their hand. Efficient knowledge sharing across all crews helps save time, increase work quality and empower a safer workforce. 
  • SambaSafety is the industry leader in driver risk management and continuous MVR monitoring with over 20 years of in-depth knowledge around the data and driving behaviors that present the most risk to your company’s bottom line. The all-in-one driver risk management and corporate driver training platform delivers a comprehensive view of driver behavior and performance and is offered to CNA policyholders at a special rate.
  • Tooling U-SME offers more than 500 individual manufacturing classes in both English and Spanish, each mapped to specific competencies for every area, role and function. All learning resources are developed around professional standards and industry-endorsed certifications. CNA policyholders have access to three free courses, as well as a 10% discount on standard rates for Tooling U-SME’s public catalog of online training classes.
  • Verizon Connect provides a one-stop technology solution to manage an organization's fleet. Their software assists with improving profitability through a company's fleet by increased driving efficiency and safety performance. Verizon Connect solutions focus on the use of GPS telematics to aid improvements in areas such as driver behaviors, location monitoring, DOT compliance, fleet maintenance alerts and route planning. Promising accurate, relevant data, their software platform creates easy-to-use dashboards, reports and alerts to help make smarter business decisions.
  • Walkway Management Group, Inc. (WMG). Reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls protects workers and visitors, and can help mitigate potential costly liability issues. CNA has teamed with WMG to provide walkway testing and hazard remediation technology services and products that help protect CNA policyholders from the dangers of slip and fall accidents. WMG offers CNA policyholders a 10% discount on in-field testing and reporting, remediation services, and all products and certifications purchased through its website.

Please note that while CNA’s Risk Control team carefully screens participating companies, all services are directly contracted with the vendor. CNA is not part of any agreement. Please contact the company directly for additional information.


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