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Vendor Relationship Management

Supplier Diversity

At CNA, diversity and inclusion is a core value. We seek to forge strong, innovative relationships with qualified businesses owned and operated by people of diverse backgrounds.


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CNA’s Enterprise Procurement Group is responsible for managing all processes, systems and activities relating to the purchase of supplies and services at the best value, in a timely manner, while maintaining fairness to suppliers. Below, you will find information on the Coupa Supplier Portal, our standard purchasing terms, CNA’s Supplier Diversity Program and how to register as a prospective supplier.


Coupa is CNA’s e-commerce solution for purchasing, invoicing and payments. Transacting with CNA via Coupa will be addressed during contracting activities. To interact with CNA, suppliers must set up a profile on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) and link to CNA’s account. The CSP is free; there is no cost for suppliers. Working with us electronically can help you increase your order-taking efficiency, reduce mistakes and delays fulfilling orders, and maintain a better presence with CNA. Benefits to suppliers include:


  • Efficient invoice submission (PO Flip)
  • Instant visibility into purchase order and invoice status
  • Efficient payment processing
  • Reduced manual paper transaction processing


Existing suppliers are being transitioned to the Coupa platform in phases, and should continue to submit invoices normally until being notified of their conversion to Coupa.



Need help getting started with Coupa? The resources below offer detailed guidance.


1. CNA – Supplier Training Source to Pay Initiative Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)


    Key topics include:


2. Coupa Resources for Suppliers


3. Technical Assistance – For Coupa technical support, use the chat feature within the Coupa Supplier Portal to connect directly with Coupa.


4. Additional Information – Please direct any questions on CNA’s use of Coupa to



Refer to the standard purchasing terms and conditions, which apply to all purchase orders for goods or services.


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Suppliers wishing to pursue business with CNA should register their company information via the link below. This does not confer any preferred supplier status or guarantee that you will be contacted, receive a contract or request to bid, or be awarded business. Completing the registration process lets commodity owners know you are interested in doing business with CNA and provides information used in our sourcing selection process.

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