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Advertising Liability & Personal Injury

Learn how to address copyright infringement, erroneous statement and other issues related to advertising injury and liability exposures.

Advertising is a key marketing strategy for many companies, which is developed through careful development of copy and imagery. However, an unfavorable comparison or a questionable statement may attract more than prospective customers. The truth is, words or images can cause significant damage to competitors and fail to keep implicit or explicit promises to customers, patients, vendors and the like.

CNA Risk Control consultants can help you address your issues related to advertising injury and liability exposures, such as copyright infringement, erroneous statements or other issues that could result in damaged reputations or costly lawsuits. Whether it's reviewing existing materials, understanding issues such as image misappropriation or avoiding product disparagement, CNA experts can help you identify the how, why, where and when of advertising injury.


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