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Employment Practices Liability

We can help your company mitigate exposure to costly employment claims and litigation, while improving employee relations.

Today, numerous employment laws and regulations, as well as aggressive agency enforcement action, have contributed to continued risk of allegations of discrimination, harassment and other wrongful employment practices. As a result, no company is immune to this trend — even with sound, carefully worded human resources policies and procedures.

To help our Employment Practices Liability (EPL) policyholders manage employment-related risks, CNA provides assistance to your company in mitigating exposure to costly employment claims and litigation, while improving employee relations. Beyond HRSM , CNA's management liability risk control platform, offers online, trackable training on important topics, such as preventing discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Eligible policyholders can also receive human resources consulting advice through the H.R. Help Line, provided by Jackson Lewis, LLP, a national law firm that specializes in employment law. Simply have your human resources representative call the toll-free line, 888-CNA-EPL1 (888-262-3751), identify your company as a CNA EPL policyholder and provide your company's policy number. The H.R. Help Line is serviced by attorneys who do not act as legal counsel to callers, but rather as human resources consultants, providing information regarding employment laws and risk control strategies.

Learn more about CNA's employment practices liability risk control resources.


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