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Drugs & Alcohol

Our tools, services and solutions can help you combat the threat of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Drug and alcohol abuse can be a serious workplace issue, and it is critical for management to be prepared for an employee's behavior once he or she comes to work. Controlling workplace drug and alcohol issues start with an understanding about addiction and the prevalence of substance abuse at the workplace. Having a written substance abuse policy frames your business' drug and alcohol program.

CNA has the tools, services and solutions to assist companies in addressing issues related to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Whether it's effectively screening job applicants, documenting a drug screening program, developing an employee awareness program, training managers and supervisors or more, CNA's Risk Control professionals can help you combat the threat substance abuse can present to your company's future. To help our customers, CNA has partnered with the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA).


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