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Corporate Services

Area Responsibilities
Corporate Services is composed of four areas that provide support and services to the larger organization: Corporate Communications, Corporate Security & Safety, Enterprise Procurement, Real Estate and Facilities Services.

Corporate Communications provides communications solutions that support CNA's business strategies, positively differentiate CNA in the marketplace, enhance the CNA brand and ensure clear, consistent and coordinated messages delivered through:


  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Employee Communications
  • Executive Communications
  • Public Affairs

Corporate Security & Safety provides enterprise-wide protection for CNA's assets, including employees and guests, property and equipment, hard copy information and reputation/image. This area establishes strategies, processes and procedures to oversee and manage all aspects of security and employee safety, including emergency preparation, ergonomics, office safety and driver safety

Enterprise Procurement oversees and manages procurement and contracts for the enterprise. The area is also responsible for corporate vendor management, enterprise records management, enterprise travel management, Home Office services management, major event meeting planning and custom executive services.

Real Estate and Facilities Services supports the enterprise through:

  • Control of rent expenses. 
  • Management of the number and size of locations in CNA’s real estate portfolio. 
  • Control and reduction of building vacancies. 
  • Control of expenses associated with moves and office remodeling. 
  • The procurement, construction, furnishing of and relocation to new office space.

About You

  • Customer focused.
  • Results driven.
  • Value teamwork, diversity, integrity, ethics and professionalism.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other business-related software.
  • Background in an area of specialization, such as communications; safety; vendor and contract management; or real estate.