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Small Business, Big Ideas - Season 1

Small Business, Big Ideas / Season 1



What is insurtech and how does it affect small business insurance, agents and customers? 


CNA’s small business team discussing insurtech | CNA


What is Insurtech?

CNA’s Albert Clark joins a panel of our Small Business leaders to discuss how insurtech is affecting the industry.


Panel of insurance leaders discussing digital distribution solutions | CNA


Agency Spotlight: Arthur J. Gallagher

Rochelle Miller and Emily Feldmann from Arthur J. Gallagher join CNA’s Albert Clark and Mike Donner to discuss their digital distribution solutions.


Panel of insurance leaders discussing new technology platforms | CNA


Agency Spotlight: Moreton Insurance

Nadine Guss from Moreton Insurance joins CNA’s Albert Clark and Justin Krone to discuss implementing and leveraging new technology platforms.


Panel of insurance leaders discussing evolution of insurtech | CNA


Evolution of Insurtech: Bold Penguin

Jim Struntz, Chief Operating Officer of Bold Penguin, joins CNA’s Albert Clark and Steve Marohn to discuss the continuing evolution of insurtech.


CNA’s small business team discussing growth strategies | CNA


How has CNA Adapted?

Our Small Business leadership team discusses what CNA is doing to support and grow with our agencies.


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