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Customer Stories

Understanding Data Protection – A Customer's Perspective

One phone call could have cost much more than a client’s loyalty. I always assumed that "protecting data" meant to set a passcode on my phone and to ignore spam emails – until I got a phone call from one of my clients, or so I thought. 

The caller pretended to be an actual employee at one of the small businesses my IT consulting company served. She said her computer was locked and she couldn’t remember her password. My company’s policy is to obtain approval from our clients’ managers before releasing any sensitive information. When I called, the manager said he just checked with the named employee, who said she had no problem getting onto her computer. I received a phishing phone call, and I would have gotten hooked if I didn’t follow protocol. 

I had no idea different cyberattacks called for different methods of cybersecurity – A Customer's Perspective

As the owner of a small IT company, I’ve always understood the importance of cybersecurity. If I can’t protect my company’s data, how can I expect my clients to trust me with their networks? I had set up firewalls and anti-virus programs; I regularly backed up my files; I even trained my employees on how to avoid spam emails.

But I had no idea different cyberattacks called for different methods of cybersecurity. My company experienced a DDoS attack, and it cost us a hefty fee to have the attackers return control of our website. I later learned that I could have defended against a DDoS attack with specific cybersecurity measures.






Social Snafu - A Customer's Perspective

Venting on social media exposed one attorney to risk. The right business insurance coverage is undoubtedly a necessity, but there are preventative steps lawyers can take to avoid such claims – as long as they remain diligent from behind their keyboards.

Imagine a lawyer, Mary, has just finished a grueling deposition preparation session with an uncooperative but important witness. Tired and frustrated, Mary vents by updating her Facebook status while in the taxi on the way home:

Absolutely drained after spending six hours prepping 
Mr. No-Clue for deposition. Who's in for dinner?


In this post, Mary "tags" a few of her friends, among them Dave. But what will Mary do when Dave turns out to be Facebook friends with the opposing counsel, who can see that Dave is tagged in Mary's post, and then uses this serendipity as ammunition at cross-examination like this:

- Did you meet with the counsel to prepare for your testimony today?
- Are you aware that counsel has questioned your competence and the accuracy of your memory regarding the facts in this case?

Following an event such as this, the right business insurance coverage would undoubtedly become a necessity. But there are preventative steps lawyers can take to avoid such claims – as long as they remain diligent from behind their keyboards.

The Brunch Breach – A Customer's Perspective

A priceless lunch. An invaluable lesson. One click nearly cost a law firm a $50,000 claim.

We trained our employees, encrypted their devices, and used complex passwords. But we overlooked the risk of an unsecured network. Our lawyer and client used a restaurant’s Wi-Fi to access evidence in a case, and the client’s financial information was instantly compromised. Fortunately, the breach was identified and accounts were closed before any harm was done. The next day, we purchased secure Wi-Fi hotspots for every employee.

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