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CNA ComPass Strengthens Ability to Serve Multinational Customer

Globalization of business is growing at an incredible pace. In fact, 80% of new technology firms are now “born global,” and digital platforms like Facebook, Alibaba and Amazon are commonly used to market to a worldwide audience, says McKinsey Global Institute’s “Digital globalization: The new era of global flows.”

CNA is well-positioned to service the complex policy requirements of your multinational clients with a wide array of insurance solutions and a strategic network of 226 business partners in 164 countries around the world.

Effective June 3, CNA is strengthening our multinational capabilities with the introduction of CNA ComPassTM, a state-of-the-art local admitted underlyer policy placement and communications technology platform that will allow CNA and our strategic partners to write and manage global placements in real-time.

CNA CompassTM enhances our execution and delivery of policy placements, issuance, billing and collections, ultimately streamlining the process to place and manage global business with CNA.

Learn more about how CNA’s multinational capabilities by visiting


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