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2016 small business mouse pad calendar | CNA Insurance

CNA Wins Award of Excellence for Moving Forward Calendar

CNA recently earned an Award of Excellence from the Insurance Marketing and Communications Association (IMCA) for our 2016 Small Business Mouse Pad Calendar. According to the IMCA, the Showcase Awards recognize the “most effective and innovative work” from insurance marketing and communications professionals. Here’s how we moved forward in 2016 and received an Award of Excellence:

The Small Business Mouse Pad Calendar was created to highlight and reinforce CNA’s capabilities and outline industries and classes that CNA considers within our preferred appetite. Each month, a new topic was highlighted with detailed copy around why the product or service was important or unique. In addition, the image featured at the top of each page was “scannable” using a smart phone and the app Pixaction. Once scanned, a video automatically launches on the phone further showcasing the topic of the month. This integration – video content, imagery, and detailed copy – is meant to create multiple touch points and improve breakthrough.

Ideally, agents would engage with the video technology on their phones, appreciate the new way of delivering the message, and internalize the information for future application. The success criteria – specifically related to what we can measure related to this tactic – is the number of video scans each month. We hope to build a strong base of agents that scan each month’s topic throughout the year and build a case to repeat the tactic the following year.

Early metrics show promising engagement for such a new concept. Over the first 3 months (as of 3/23/16), a total of 782 image scans have taken place for an average engagement of 13% (based on an agency base of 2,000 receiving the calendars). Internally, and based on typical engagement we see from our agents, that rate is meaningful and strong.

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