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Managing Through COVID-19

For any business, an interruption to normal operations can have far-reaching effects. As you manage your business through COVID-19, CNA’s resources can help to reduce exposures and keep your organization moving forward. Our priority is to remain available and provide a consistent level of service to help you and your teams continue operating.

Helping Our Customers Navigate COVID-19 – Employees Meeting in Office


Helping Our Customers Navigate COVID-19

Stay informed of the ways we're helping our agents, brokers and policyholders navigate this unprecedented business environment.

Ergonomic Tips for Telecommuting – Employee Working in Remote Workspace


Ergonomic Tips for Working Remotely

From the height of your chair to the placement of your monitor, minor adjustments to your workspace can help ensure optimal comfort and productivity when working outside the office.

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Hygiene Controls in the Workplace – Employee Sanitizing Office Door


Hygiene Controls in the Workplace

Countless businesses have shut down due to COVID-19, and reopening can present significant challenges. Be sure to follow best practices for cleaning, sanitizing and maintaining a safe, healthy work environment.

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Managing a Remote Workforce – Employee Teleconferencing on Company Device


Managing a Remote Workforce

Companies of all sizes are allowing employees to work remotely – but many aren’t fully prepared for the threat of cyberattacks. Are you taking steps to protect your employees and business from cybersecurity risks?

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