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Ergonomic risk factors in the workplace can result in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that negatively impact employee health and workplace productivity and safety.


CNA’s ergonomics tools and services are designed to help policyholders develop and sustain effective ergonomics programs, with a focus on ensuring each workplace fits the capabilities of the employees working there. Whether you need help in a specific area or want to implement a full-scale ergonomics improvement process, our team has the resources to help deliver a solution tailored to your needs.


Ergonomic Tips for Working Remotely

From the height of your chair to the placement of your monitor, minor adjustments to your workspace can help ensure optimal comfort and productivity when working outside the office.


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Office Ergonomics Checklist

A workstation set up for optimal comfort and performance can help you feel your best. Use this Office Ergonomics Checklist to help improve your office workstation comfort and productivity.


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Introduction to Motion is Money

Motion is Money is a focused process designed to address the musculoskeletal disorder risk factors driving these losses while positively affecting the production, efficiency and quality of operations.


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Ergonomics Consulting Services

CNA’s ergonomics services are designed to assist our policyholders in developing and sustaining their ergonomics programs. Use our team as a resource for program development and collaborative consultation to develop effective solutions that address ergonomics risks.


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