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Product Liability

As a wholesale distributor, your world revolves around the purchase and sale of products. And while you strive to provide your customers with exceptional service, sometimes those products arrive at or leave your distribution center with defects. Even if the defect lies in the design or manufacture of that product, if bodily injury or property damage occurs, you may be held liable. You need a proven insurance carrier and the right coverage to help you safeguard against these challenges so that you can keep your business operating smoothly.

CNA offers Product Liability insurance to defend and indemnify you if a claim is made against you for selling a defective product that causes bodily injury or property damage to the property of others. And if you provide installation, assembly, modification, repackaging or relabeling services as an added value to your clients, Product Liability insurance provides coverage if your services create a defect which causes bodily injury or property damage to the property of others after your work has been completed.

Our underwriters and risk control professionals have the expertise to understand the risks wholesale distributors face and can help to manage your risk exposures and avoid the most common losses. If an incident occurs, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to managing your claim to a timely resolution.


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