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Medical & Scientific Equipment

Your healthcare facility's sophisticated medical and scientific equipment is critical to your day-to-day operations and ability to provide patients with top-notch care. If damaged, your MRI machines, CAT scanners, ultrasound machines and other equipment can be costly to repair or replace. Your organization, and most importantly, your patients, cannot afford to lose access to this equipment. In addition to general property insurance for your computers, phone systems and more, you need a carrier that can provide you with the specialized coverages that address the unique risks associated with your medical and scientific equipment.

CNA's Medical & Scientific Equipment insurance covers machines at fixed locations or devices that are mobile to provide services at remote sites. This also includes physical damage coverage for the conveyance of mobile units when mobile equipment is integrated, and can cover the loss of income if mobile equipment is damaged by a covered cause of loss. We automatically include communication and power disturbance coverage, and also offer a host of extensions to increase coverage even further.

Our healthcare underwriting and risk control professionals boast a high level of technical experience. This enables our team to help you identify and manage exposures in your organization and reduce legal expenses. The dedicated claim services we provide helps reduce the uncertainty and stress that often accompany litigation.


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