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California Medical Provider Network (MPN)

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The CNA California Medical Provider Network (MPN) is a Workers' Compensation program that is jointly delivered by CNA and Coventry Health Care (Coventry), a nationally recognized healthcare company that CNA partners with for Workers' Compensation medical and occupational services. The MPN will be delivered through Coventry's network of medical providers and facilities. This network has been built to provide injured employees with timely and quality medical care and is available to assist the injured worker in returning to his or her prior health.

For Employers

In order to provide injured employees with access to the MPN, employers must:


Checkmark IconDirect all injured employees to a medical provider within the California MPN Website. This site will help locate network providers specializing in Workers Compensation with a strong focus on returning injured employees back to work.


Checkmark IconPost the California State DWC-7 Form and a panel listing of MPN providers that are in the employees' area. Create a panel of medical providers via the California MPN Website (click “Provider Panel” tab) or email your request to


If you choose to email your request, please include:

  • Name of insured.
  • Address of insured (including zip code).
  • List any specific physicians that should be included in the panel.
  • Contact person.
  • If the panel can be sent electronically, include an email address.
  • If the panel should be sent by hard copy, include mailing address.


Timeframe for Completing Panel Submissions:

  • Up to 10 panel requests will be provided within 24 to 48 hours of the request.
  • Between 10 and 40 panel requests will be provided within five business days of the request.
  • For more than 40 requests, the Operations team will provide an estimated time of completion.)


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The Employee Notification (Spanish version) should be given to an injured employee at the time of injury.

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Send a Change of MPN Notice (Spanish version) to all injured employees if there is a change in the MPN.


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Send all employees a MPN Cessation/Termination Notice (Spanish version) if the MPN is no longer being used.

Employees may also designate a treating physician prior to any injury, if certain criteria are met, and if the employee completes the Predesignation of Personal Physician form prior to an injury. If the employee wants to designate a Chiropractor or an Acupuncturist, the employee must complete the Notice of Personal Chiropractor or Personal Acupuncturist prior to an injury.

These documents may be downloaded and printed as needed. However, these materials are only for the use by CNA insureds and are not to be reprinted by others.


Regarding the initial implementation of the MPN, please be advised that the regulations governing the MPN require the employer to take the above actions. Failure to meet the requirements may result in your inability to utilize the MPN.


Employer Frequently Asked Questions contains information you need to know as an employer about administering claims using the MPN.


For Injured Employees




Your MPN contact can answer questions on the MPN, address MPN complaints and provide you a copy of any MPN notifications or policies.

The contact for your MPN is:

Shari Grapes, WC Claims Manager
PO Box 8317 Chicago, IL 60680-8317
888-202-4964 |




The MPN's Medical Access Assistant will help you find available MPN physicians of your choice and can assist you with scheduling and confirming physician appointments. The Medical Access Assistant is available to assist you Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m. PST, and schedule medical appointments during doctors' normal business hours. Assistance is available in English and in Spanish.

The contact information for the Medical Access Assistant is:

Toll-Free Telephone Number: 888-202-4964
Fax Number: 312-260-2101


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