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D&I Imperative for Business Success Can Positively Change Society

When Dino E. Robusto became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CNA in November 2016, he emphasized that diversity and inclusion (D&I) is imperative to our future success. Today, he’s taking the conversation one step further in the CEO Action series on HuffPost.

While the business case for diversity and inclusion (D&I) is well known, it’s time for business leaders to move from awareness to action. In a piece published on HuffPost, CNA’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dino E. Robusto, shares how D&I initiatives not only create sustainable business success, but also positively change society.

When a business truly embraces D&I, it becomes a place where individuals collaborate through a range of thought. And this isn’t just a business imperative — it’s a societal one as well, Robusto argues.

In the blog, Robusto writes:

When we bring in diverse people, from a range of backgrounds and talents, to work side-by-side, our employees take those experiences back into the community. An inclusive workplace can change the way employees interact with people inside and outside of the workplace. I am not claiming that businesses are the key to solving the complex issues in our society. But, I am stating that we need to do our part in this important element of societal change.

D&I is work that we must do together, Robusto says. To learn more about how businesses can advance D&I in the workplace and society, read Robusto’s full article, “The D&I Imperative for Business Success Can Positively Change Society” on HuffPost.