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CNA Connect Small Business Owners Package Policy (BOP)

In today's wholesale distributor marketplace, preparing for the unexpected isn't just a good idea — it's critical if you want to keep up with the competition and grow your organization. While keeping pace, you also want to ensure you safeguard your company's future. That means addressing your risks and challenges with a broad range of property and liability coverages.

CNA Connect® helps wholesale distributors address areas such as risks to buildings, business income, business personal property, computer equipment, accounts receivable, money and securities and more. CNA Connect offers broad and relevant coverage, with customized endorsements that offer increased deductible options and a wide range of limit options. CNA Connect offers more coverage and higher limits on a single policy, with the flexibility to exclude coverages to reduce premiums and the ability to tailor coverages to meet your specific needs.

The CNA Connect® Wholesale and Distributors Choice Endorsement combines some of the most common options under one endorsement to address exposures such as breakdown of certain equipment causing damage to perishable stock, certain types of data breaches and more. Other optional endorsements include the CNA Connect® Building Owners Choice Endorsement, which provides certain first-party coverage for building owners who rent to other businesses.

Our experienced underwriters and risk control professionals are here to help you identify and manage your risks. And if an incident does occur, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to managing your claim to a timely resolution.


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