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CNA Paramount Business Package Policy

You've worked hard to expand your business. As you continue to grow, it's important to know any new challenges you face won't throw your success off track. That's why you need comprehensive yet flexible coverage that can help safeguard not only your usual business property, but also specialized assets you need to succeed.

CNA Paramount® is a robust coverage solution that integrates essential and critical coverages into a simple, yet customizable package. It offers a range of property, crime and general liability solutions tailored specifically to your wholesale distribution business. Coverages that address the unique risks of a distribution operation include expediting expense, distributors' product reimbursement, contractual penalty, emergency vacating expense, reduced quality stock and more.

And since prevention is a great way to lessen your risk exposures, we can show you how to protect your business property from crime, fire, wind, water and forces of nature. Our Risk Control consultants provide property protection services, such as sprinkler review and business continuity planning, that place an emphasis on emergency preparedness procedures and risk mitigation techniques to minimize the impact that a supply chain interruption has on your bottom line. And should you ever need to file a claim, our skilled professionals are dedicated to managing it quickly and fairly.


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