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Equipment Breakdown

Even with expert installation and regular maintenance, equipment breaks down. And when mechanical or electrical failures occur, you need to know that your wholesale distribution operations are safe and you can continue to keep your supply chain moving.

Basic property polices may only cover damage to your electrical or process equipment caused by external sources such as fire, wind and rain. Without the right insurance, this can take a toll on your wholesale distribution business' budget in the form of costly repairs and lost productivity. And if you have equipment to support your green energy needs, your replacement cost can be even higher. That's why Equipment Breakdown insurance from CNA is essential, and can be provided as a stand-alone policy or included within our package policy, CNA Paramount®.

This coverage delivers protection against electrical injury and the breakdown of certain machinery and equipment that runs your physical plant and buildings, as well as interruption of utility services caused by an equipment breakdown at a utility.

Our underwriters and risk control professionals have the expertise to understand the risks wholesale distributors face and can help to manage your risk exposures and avoid the most common losses. If equipment failure occurs, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to managing your claim to a timely resolution.


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