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Warehousers’ Legal Liability

As a wholesale distributor, you work hard to ensure your clients' products and materials are safe and secure. And while you may already have insurance to address events such as fires or floods, you need the right coverage to safeguard your business against loss or damage that may occur to property of others that is held in your care, custody or control.

CNA offers Warehousers' Legal Liability insurance to cover the cost of loss or damage to property in your care, custody or control, as well as defense costs that arise from lawsuits brought against you as a result of loss or damage to covered property. Even with the best of intentions, accidents and missteps happen. You need a proven insurance carrier that can offer coverage solutions to help your business withstand the financial impact that can accompany your risk exposures, so that you can keep your wholesale distribution center running strong.

Our underwriters and risk control professionals have the expertise to understand the risks wholesale distributors face and can help manage your risk exposures and avoid the most common losses. If an incident occurs, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to managing your claim to a timely resolution.


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