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CNA NetProtect Cyber Liability (Data Breach Liability)

Every day, your retail business sends and stores a countless amount of personal information electronically. And many retailers are required by law to notify impacted customers if they suffer a data breach, which can be extremely costly. Whether it's the use of credit card data or third-party data providers, or the risk of data breaches or unintended privacy violations, you need insurance that will put your mind at ease, and a carrier that will help you maintain data integrity and privacy, putting you in a position to better adapt to evolving technology risks.

CNA's cyber liability coverage, CNA NetProtect®, is designed to help you recover from a data breach. With CNA NetProtect, your first- and third-party risks associated with e-business, the Internet, networks and other electronic assets and information are covered. First-party coverage is available for extortion, business interruption, loss or damage to a network, extra expense and e-theft, while third-party liability includes electronic media content, privacy and security liability. Unlike traditional property and liability policies, CNA NetProtect is designed to provide coverage for these emerging challenges and help you mitigate your risk of data theft and destruction, hackers and unauthorized disclosure.

Our experienced underwriters and risk control professionals understand the risks retailers face and can help manage your exposures. And if an incident does occur, our claim professionals are dedicated to working with you to achieve a timely resolution. 
To report a data security event, call our Data Security Event Hotline number (800)247-3968 or email our dedicated email address at


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