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Commercial General Liability

While operating any business comes with its own unique set of risks, some of the biggest challenges a retailer can face are often the most common. You need to insure your establishment against liability for injury or property damage that can occur as a result of your daily business operations.

CNA's Commercial General Liability insurance provides coverages that address incidents such as slips, trips and falls or property damage to a neighbor's building. It provides for amounts you may become legally obligated to pay as damages to third parties, and coverage extensions tailored to your specific exposures are available. We offer specialized products for organizations of all sizes, from CNA Connect® for smaller companies to CNA Paramount® for mid-size firms, as well as general liability coverages for large firms. Being properly insured is critical to your business, and our Commercial General Liability coverage is a comprehensive solution to help ensure key risks are addressed.

Our experienced underwriters and risk control professionals understand the risks retailers face and can help manage yor exposures. And if an incident does occur, our claim professionals are dedicated to working with you to achieve a timely resolution.


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