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Workers’ Compensation

Employees are the lifeline of any business. As a real estate company, they can be your most important asset. But when slips and falls, back strains and other such incidents occur during the course of employment, it can mean valuable time away from serving your tenants and clients and keeping your business running smoothly.

CNA's Workers' Compensation insurance offers insurance coverage for medical expenses and wage replacement for employees injured in the course of employment. We also have information and training to help you ensure that your workplace is safe, and our Risk Control consultants have expertise in building health and safety programs for any size company. Our School of Risk Control Excellence (SORCE®) and Return-to-Work program can further prepare you and your staff with practices to help you better manage your workers' compensation exposures and, ultimately, reduce your total cost of risk.

Our underwriters and risk control professionals understand the complex risks you face in the real estate industry, and our coverages are designed to meet the needs of your practice. And should an incident occur, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to working with you, so you can stay focused on your servicing your clients.


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