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Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion

Embracing global opportunities can reap significant rewards for your professional services firm. But as your organization conducts more business on an international scale, this activity may take place in countries with growing economic and political instability. You need the right coverage to help you safeguard your corporate assets and provide valued employees with peace of mind no matter where their travels take them.

CNA's Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion insurance addresses a wide range of security threats that may affect your professional services firm — both at home and abroad. This coverage provides reimbursement for losses due to personnel security incidents, including kidnap for ransom, extortion, hijack, detention and political threat. Coverage can also go beyond these situations to include workplace violence, child abductions, emergency evacuation/repatriation and threats without associated ransom demands.

Our underwriting and risk control professionals specialize in working with professional service firms, and our tailored industry-specific coverages are designed to meet the needs of your practice. Because an immediate response is critical in these types of security situations, we have retained red24®, a premier crisis response firm that offers security management and risk mitigation services to customers around the world.


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