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CNA Paramount Business Package Policy

As a mid-sized professional services provider, you've already confronted major challenges in successfully guiding and expanding your business. But as your success continues, you should ensure that future risks can be met with as much preparation and confidence as possible. That's why you need flexible coverage that can help safeguard not only your usual business, but also specialized assets needed to succeed.

CNA Paramount® is a robust coverage solution that integrates essential and critical coverages into a simple, yet customizable package. CNA Paramount offers a range of property,crime and general liability solutions tailored specifically to your professional services business. CNA Paramount also includes a range of additional coverages such as coverage for contractual penalties where the breach of contract is the result of physical loss or damage to insured property, restoration expenses, business income and fine art.

And since prevention is a great way to lessen your risk exposures, we can show you how to protect your business from crime, fire, wind and forces of nature. Our risk control consultants provide property protection services, such as sprinkler review and business continuity planning that place an emphasis on emergency preparedness procedures and risk mitigation techniques to avoid a claim before it occurs. And in the event that a claim arises, our highly experienced claim team is dedicated to working with you on your matter.


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