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CNA NetProtect Cyber Liability (Data Breach Liability)

The healthcare industry faces unique data risks. In addition to financial and employee information, organizations are charged with protecting sensitive patient information. Today, HIPAA and other laws and regulations regarding patient privacy and data collection are more stringent than ever. And it has been estimated that data breaches cost the U.S. healthcare industry nearly $7 billion a year.

Our cyber liability coverage, NetProtect 360℠, is designed to help your healthcare facility recover from a data breach. With NetProtect 360, your first- and third-party risks associated with online billing, patient records, employee use of the Internet and other electronic assets and information are insured. Unlike traditional property and liability policies, NetProtect 360 is designed to provide coverage for these emerging challenges and help you mitigate your risk of data theft and destruction, hackers and unauthorized disclosure.

If a data breach does happen, we offer you the flexibility to choose from our proven network of breach coaches and forensic and notification vendors to assist in the timely and accurate resolution of your claim. 
To report a data security event, call our Data Security Event Hotline number (800)247-3968 or email our dedicated email address at


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