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Directors & Officers (D&O)

In today's fiercely competitive financial marketplace, reputation means everything. Your directors and officers make important and challenging decisions every day, and sometimes those decisions may result in costing them personally or affecting your institution's hard-earned image. Whether it's stockholder, employee or client claims, your leaders can face personal liability and sued based upon their actions while running your organization. Or, they can be named in a lawsuit simply because they are directors and officers.

CNA's Directors & Officers (D&O) liability coverage insures the personal assets of a company's directors and officers for loss (damages and defense costs) arising out of lawsuits in conjunction with performing their duties and responsibilities in managing the business. Common claims allege mismanagement, misstatement, omission, breach of duty, security law violations and unfair competition. We provide coverage for the directors and officers of an institution in the event they are sued for an alleged error or omission in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as a director or officer of your company. We also offer, to qualified insureds, an optional entity liability coverage to help protect the assets of the insured institution in the event of a lawsuit.

We have been serving financial institutions for decades and understand that the risks you face are great. Our team of underwriters and risk control professionals are here to help you identify and manage your risks. And if an incident occurs, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to managing your claim to a timely resolution.


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