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Installation Floaters

As a contractor, your materials are crucial to getting the job done. However, risks abound from one job site to another, and your supplies and materials could be damaged before the installation begins. With this risk, you need coverage that can replace your materials should anything happen prior to being installed.

As a leader in construction insurance, CNA offers Installation Floater coverage for these situations. An installation floater insures property or material that's installed, fabricated or erected by a contractor up until the work is accepted by the purchaser. In some situations, installation floaters can also insure landscaping materials, even trees and shrubs. While installation floaters don't cover an existing part of a building, they can cover moveable property and are a good idea for anyone who stores, moves or has a lot of materials delivered.

To help you get back to operating as soon as possible after theft or damage, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to managing your claim to a fair and timely resolution, while our team of underwriters and risk control specialists deliver the service levels you need and expect.


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