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CNA NetProtect Cyber Liability (Data Breach Liability)

When you're out on a job site, you likely rely on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone to communicate and send important information and documents to your clients. When you run the risk of losing intangible, yet valuable information or compromising personal data exchanged online, you need insurance that will put your mind at ease.

CNA's cyber liability coverage, CNA NetProtect®, is designed to help you recover from a data breach. With CNA NetProtect, your first- and third-party risks associated with e-business, the Internet, networks and other assets and electronic information are covered. Unlike traditional property and liability policies, CNA NetProtect is designed to provide coverage for these emerging challenges and help you mitigate your risk of data theft and destruction, hackers and unauthorized disclosure.

Our underwriters and risk control professionals have the expertise to understand the risks construction companies face and can help manage your risk exposures and assist you in attempting to avoid the most common losses. If a data breach occurs, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to managing your claim to a timely resolution.


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