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Contractor’s Professional Liability and Pollution Incident

Trusting your own skills as a general contractor may come easily, but sharing the risk for subcontractors' work can place you in a challenging position. For example, if an HVAC contractor improperly installs a system which eventually leads to mold growth, or an electrical contractor's improper wiring sparks a fire, you may find yourself shouldering part or all of the risk. In a fast-moving world of construction clients and projects, general contractors can find the landscape of risk is changing, too.

CNA understands the risks you encounter while you undertake day-to-day tasks and work to grow your business. That's why our Contractor's Professional Liability and Pollution Incident policy includes a range of coverages tailored to the specific risks of general contractors. The Contractor's Professional Liability and Pollution Incident policy is purpose-built coverage for the needs of general contractors, including: failure to detect faulty workmanship of subcontractors, pollution incidents, such as mold growth resulting in bodily injury or property damage; reimbursement for legal fees and expenses incurred in responding to regulatory or administrative actions, and more. This policy also includes expanded definitions of professional services in your capacity as an architect, engineer, interior designer, LEED consultant or other capacities.

Our underwriters and risk control professionals understand the construction industry, and we will help you meet your toughest risks and challenges. And when you need us most, our claim specialists offer the services and expertise you need to help your business continue to run smoothly.


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