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Builders Risk

Whether your business must enlarge or upgrade an existing facility, build a new structure, or construct property for others, you require coverage that addresses the risks and vulnerabilities property construction projects present. Whether it's fire or wind damage — or damage to building materials while in transit or at a location other than a job site — hazards exist that may lead to critical delays and losses.

CNA understands your greatest risks and challenges. That's why we offer Builders Risk — a comprehensive and flexible set of coverages that cover you for financial loss from loss or damage to property under construction. Builders Risk helps address issues such as certain increases in the cost to construct unbuilt portions of a project due to a covered cause of loss, the loss of income due to project delays caused by covered losses, and much more. Builders Risk is designed to help you keep your project — and your business — moving forward and on track.

In addition to our broad range of general and specialized coverages, we offer a variety of services and programs to help you address the challenges you face, such as training to control accidents on the job site and claim mitigation. Our experienced team of underwriters, risk control specialists and claim service professionals are available to deliver the service level that contractors and other businesses have come to expect.


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