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Ocean Marine

In today's rapidly expanding world economy, many businesses rely on importing or exporting products abroad to reach their customers. As your business expands and you need to store products overseas or transport goods and materials, you face a unique set of challenges. To ensure your business is covered every step of the way, you need to be insured from the point of shipment to the point of destination.

As one of the largest ocean marine insurers in the country, CNA understands the unique and critical risks companies face when engaging in transporting goods. That's why our Ocean Marine coverage addresses goods shipped by water or air, and includes all intermediate transit by rail or truck, as well as incidental warehouse storage. To ensure the highest level of flexibility, multiple levels of risk coverage are available, as well as customized coverages for specialized commodities.

With more than a century of experience, we've developed a reputation for offering more than just a policy. Our underwriting and risk control professionals offer tailored industry-specific coverages and provide you with the tools and resources you need to understand your exposures and address potential losses. And should you ever need to file a claim, our skilled claim professionals are dedicated to working diligently with you, so you may remain focused on your clients.


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