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Cybersecurity Awareness

Every day, cybercrime grows more sophisticated, more frequent and more severe. This evolving threat is a top concern of companies around the globe – and the reason we created CNA CyberPrep.

CNA CyberPrep is modeled on industry-leading cybersecurity frameworks for standards, guidelines and best practices, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, and is rooted in strong partnerships with highly regarded cybersecurity professionals. Through this framework, CNA CyberPrep helps organizations identify, mitigate and respond to cyber risks.

Identify current cybersecurity posture

A select group of vendors and services help insureds identify the strengths and weaknesses of their cybersecurity posture, while also providing recommendations for further cybersecurity steps.


  • CNA Risk Control Gap Analysis
  • CNA Risk Control Information Security and Cyber Infrastructure Self-Assessment
  • WhiteHaX – Cloud-Based Penetration Test
  • CyberArk – Privileged Access Security Assessment
  • External Vulnerability Assessments*
  • Penetration Testing*
  • Risk Assessments*

Mitigate potential cybersecurity risk

Cybersecurity recommendations are put into action by additional vendors and services, which help insureds enhance their cybersecurity posture by mitigating potential cyber risk.


Respond to cyber incident

Security incidents are often high pressure situations. CNA’s incident response vendors have a deep understanding of critical steps to minimize an incident’s impact and provide help after one occurs.


  • Breach/Privacy Counsel
  • Forensic Investigation and Remediation Firms
  • Notification Vendors
  • Credit Monitoring Vendors
  • Public Relation Firms

CNA cyber insureds may choose from fee-based preferred pricing services*, and value-added options, which are included as part of their CNA cyber policy.

To learn more, review the full CNA CyberPrep program offering or reach out to your CNA Risk Control representative.