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Electrical & Heating

Our tools and resources can help you build programs to address unexpected breakdowns of electrical and heating equipment.

Ensuring that your daily business operations run smoothly can mean making sure the physical systems within your property or business function properly. Electrical and heating issues can have a profound effect on whether you can perform business as usual. Your electrical and heating systems require periodic maintenance and inspection to continue to supply power and temperature control in a safe and efficient manner.

CNA Risk Control consultants can help you understand these requirements and build programs that help protect against unexpected breakdowns. Should the unexpected happen, we can help you better respond to and recover from events associated with your electrical and heating equipment. Whether it's instituting a preventative maintenance program, creating a checklist to evaluate fire protection controls, deploying infrared thermography testing to scan for possible weaknesses or simply educating and training staff on best practices, we provide strategies, services and tools to help defend against losses and get your equipment back to operating quickly in order to keep your business on track.


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