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Builders Risk

Our tools and resources can help you understand your exposures and combat challenges related to buildings and construction.

For many businesses, the building they work out of can be among the most important assets the company may have. Whenever your company decides to build a new facility, add on to an existing one or remodel, potential risks and hazards increase. An existing building is a relatively stable and known environment. During any construction project, the size, shape and hazards in a building are constantly changing, and planned protection may not be in service when disaster strikes. Understanding and preparing for possible exposures can have a significant effect on both a company's bottom line and future prospects.

As one of the nation's largest commercial construction insurers, CNA understands the challenges faced by a business as it relates to buildings and construction. Whether it's developing a risk management program for control of contractors, planning for material placement and protection at locations other than the job site, understanding the hazards of property in transit, minimizing the risk during operational testing, or simply assisting with identifying hazards during construction, we can help you identify the how, why, where and when of builders risk.


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