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Nick Graf, “CNA’s Secret Weapon,” Featured in Insurance Business

When it comes to analyzing cyber vulnerabilities for insureds, CNA has a secret weapon. Nick Graf, Consulting Director of Information Security at CNA, specializes in data leakage prevention and security awareness.  After earning his ethical hacker qualification, Graf now examines clients’ cyber security needs.

Graf tells Insurance Business – America that he puts himself in the frame of mind of a hacker to determine how to breach the walls of any cyber fortress. “By looking at these servers I can garner information off them as to what sort of operating system they run, or what their level of security is…There may be a known exploit that I could leverage to gain access” to clients’ web servers and what’s stored on them.

To learn more about Graf’s work as an ethical hacker and why it matters, read the full article at Insurance Business – America, “CNA’s ‘hacker’ knows what the bad guys know.”