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Collaboration Transformation

In an op-ed piece published in the trade magazine Leader’s Edge, CNA’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dino E. Robusto asks leaders to make the insurance industry a career of choice for millennials.

As the insurance industry evolves due to technological advancements and as the baby boomer generation hits retirement age, there’s a need to fill 400,000 positions within the next three years. In an op-ed published in the insurance industry trade magazine Leader’s Edge, CNA’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dino E. Robusto advocates other business leaders to embrace the millennial advantage. 

The insurance industry is facing a tidal wave of transformation, Robusto says, and sharing and collaboration are now fundamental to future success. The millennial generation and the insurance industry are a perfect match — but only if leaders adapt to the new order and are flexible in thinking.

In the op-ed, Robusto writes:

“In my vision of the future, insurance is not just a noble profession, it’s a career of first choice. In many regards, we are there already — a place where trust, sharing and giving back to society defines our nature. Because technology and collaboration are ingrained in millennials’ DNA and what will drive our success, it’s a match made in heaven. We just need to recognize the advantages millennials inherently bring, tell our story and embrace the waves of change.”

To learn more about Robusto’s thoughts on the millennial advantage, read the full op-ed, “Collaboration Transformation” at Leader’s Edge.