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How Chicago’s Iconic Buildings Light Up For The Cubs

The Chicago Tribune provides readers with a glimpse into how eight notable Chicago buildings are marking the Cubs’ World Series run.

It's no surprise that in the birthplace of the skyscraper, some of those tall buildings are helping cheer on the Cubs.

Downtown buildings have changed lighting designs for decades to show support for a range of causes. While it's up to each building's management to decide what to support and how to do it, the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago helps coordinate the effort for times like October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. BOMA/Chicago also helped connect the Tribune to the buildings detailed below.

CNA Center staffers label each window, then manually adjust window shades floor by floor inside the building.

A lead designer sketches out each design on a computer using AutoCAD, an architectural design program, showing which of the 462 windows' shades should be open and which should be drawn. Elevation drawings show the design from both the inside and outside of the building, and that's what staffers use to enact it.

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