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Five Tips for Creating Lasting Impact with Community Partners

Chicago Lights describes how their partnership with CNA has fueled a lasting impact in the Chicago Charity Challenge.

Chicago Charity Challenge's Cha Cha News provides news and inspiration from and for those competing in the Challenge. Katie Solis Silva, Corporate and External Relations Officer, Chicago Lights, recently contributed an article to Cha Cha News that highlights Chicago Lights' partnership with CNA and our collaborative, charitable work throughout the challenge.

Your Challenge Participation Year and Beyond: Five Tips For Creating Lasting Impact with Your Chicago Charity Challenge Partner

In 2016, Chicago Lights linked up with CNA in the Chicago Charity Challenge and it has been a year of exciting firsts. CNA not only supports the organization through existing channels (e.g., event sponsorship, established volunteer experiences), but the company consistently looks for ways to think outside the box and maximize impact.

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