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CNA Insurance
CNA launches eSightSM

We are pleased to announce the improved usability, look and feel of the Claim Status function within CNA Central’s Claim Status and Loss Experience (CSLE) application. The new Claim Status will come from a CNA application called eSight. Key functionality available to existing users will remain intact, with a notably improved user experience. 

The same world class functionality, with an exciting new look, including:

  • Claim details, adjuster notes, financial transactions and claim activities, where permitted by law,  provide simple tracking of your claims
  • Enhanced adjuster contact information gives you the ability to email your adjuster directly from Claim Status
  • Various filter options give you flexibility in managing your data

The new eSight Claim Status function is now available. For questions or additional information please contact your Client Services Manager. 

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Effective and supportive claim handling that is among the strongest in the industry.  Consistent and seamless from claim reporting to resolution — that’s the CNA approach to claim handling. Your claim is evaluated by our highly experienced claim professionals specialized in handling specific types of claims.

Before you submit your claim:
Check your policy. It may contain special instructions for filing a claim. If it does, follow those instructions. Otherwise, contact your agent or broker.

Includes: Auto, General Liability, Property, Umbrella and Workers' Compensation
Phone: (877-CNA-ASAP) or
Fax: 800-953-7389


Large Casualty
Includes: Auto, General Liability, Property and Workers' Compensation
Please call your designated phone number. If you are uncertain, call 866-909-5343
Fax: 877-329-7752
Select Risk
Includes: Auto, General Liability, Property and Workers' Compensation
Phone: 877-575-1744
Fax: 866-440-2769


Specialty Lines
Include: Architects & Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate, Financial Instutions, Directors & Officers, Fiduciary, Fidelity, Employment Practices Liability and Open Brokerage.
Specialty Claims  

Specialty Claim Contacts 


Hospitals and Allied Facilities, Aging Services, Dentists, Advanced Medical Technologies and other professional healthcare areas.
Claim information is available on the CNA Healthpro website  
Global Claims
Inlcudes: International policy holders
Global Claims Contacts  

Workers' Compensation Preferred Medical Provider Network
CNA provides a breadth of services related to Workers' Compensation, including Preferred Medical Provider Networks.

Additional ResourcesSmall Business and Middle Maket Commercial Lines Policyholders:

ClaimDentalBanner Watch Now  Watch Now

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Provider Fraud

At CNA, we consider a “provider” to be anyone providing service to a claim, including, but not limited to, a medical doctor, chiropractor, durable medical equipment company, pharmacy, therapist, diagnostic company, dentist or even other provider types, such as body shops, copy services, transportation services, interpreting firms, attorneys, law firms, or any other service or equipment providers involved in a claim.

Common types of fraud that may come from providers include:

  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Exaggerating level of true service/equipment provided
  • Billing for items, equipment, or devices not actually provided
  • Two or more providers collaborating to increase claim costs for their own financial gain

If you suspect any form of provider fraud, please report it to CNA's Special Investigations Unit at 866-262-3116 or email

Report Claim Fraud

CNA has a “no tolerance for fraud” culture. Fraud has a powerful social and economic impact because it can be perpetrated in almost every aspect of insurance. Fraud committed by organized criminal rings, individuals, and businesses costs Americans more than $80 billion every year.

To combat claim fraud, CNA has established the Special Investigations Unit.  The SIU is an elite team of multi-disciplinary professionals responsible for preventing, detecting and investigating all suspected claim fraud committed against CNA and its stakeholders.

CNA is a founding member of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. For more information about fraud, including the negative effects on society, visit the Coalition’s web site at

Find additional information on the various types of insurance fraud, including but not limited to: 

 Report all Claim Fraud to CNA's Special Investigations Unit at 866-262-3116 or email 

Fraud Prevention 

Report suspected claim fraud.
1. When did the suspected fraudulent activity occur?
2. Who are the persons or businesses involved?
3. Where did the activity occur?
4. What is your relationship to CNA?
5. What type of claim is involved?
6. Please describe the suspect activity. Provide as much detail as you can, including the length of time the activity has been occurring, how you discovered the suspected fraud, and any other information that will help CNA investigate.
7. May an investigator contact you if we have additional questions?
Special Investigations Unit

The Insurance Information Institute reports 10 percent of all insurance claims are fraudulent,
costing the U.S. property and casualty industry $30 billion a year.* To help protect our
policyholders’ interests and keep our premiums to a minimum, CNA’s Special Investigations
Unit (SIU) diligently detects, pursues and mitigates insurance claims fraud risk.

A Talented Staff
CNA has 24 individuals dedicated to SIU with an average of 25 years of investigation
experience in state, local and federal law enforcement, the U.S. military and claim organizations. Our
SIU experts are located throughout the country and offer a complete range of services,
including coordinating assignments with our fraud, surveillance and data investigation
vendors, reporting suspicious claims to state fraud agencies and developing and delivering
fraud awareness training. Our SIU team also works closely with our Claim area to identify and
investigate suspected fraudulent claims.

Outstanding Resources
CNA’s investigators provide value-added services by developing national programs to
aggressively detect and reduce the impact of fraud. Our SIU team leads the industry in
specialized services, identifying new and emerging fraud trends and staying one step ahead of
the criminals.

Our resources include the following:

  • Major Investigation Team (MIT) provides an enhanced focus on medical-provider fraud,
    organized crime-ring activity and automobile crimes. MIT efforts resulted in criminal convictions of
    medical providers, closure of suspect medical clinics and suspension/revocation of a number of medical licenses.
  • Predictive Analytics Program is a powerful tool in fighting fraud. Developed in
    collaboration with SAS®, our predictive modeling program uses advanced statistical data
    analysis and text mining to identify patterns of aberrant behavior, both in individual claims
    and on a large scale across multiple files and lines of business.
  • Social Network Data Mining is conducted by pulling and analyzing data from multiple
    sources to reveal associations between claimants and providers, and identify patterns of
    questionable activity that could go undetected by other means.

Proven Results
2012 Achievements Include:

  • 20 arrests and 18 criminal convictions for insurance fraud
  • 7,507 SIU-related actions and investigations
  • 49% of fraud investigations resulted in elimination or mitigation of the claim
  • 3,775 cases referred to regulatory or law enforcement agencies

    When it comes to helping you find ways to fight fraud …
     we can show you more. ® 

    *The Federal Bureau of Investigations, Reports and Publications, Insurance Fraud: 

These scenarios are real-life
examples of fraud from the files of CNA’s Special Investigation Unit.

A medical provider billed CNA for treatment of a dead patient.

An attorney hired “runners” to file fake slip-and-fall and automobile claims.

An employee collected benefits for being too disabled to work, but
surveillance showed him putting a new roof on a house.

A doctor and attorney were convicted for conspiring to exaggerate claims.

A claimant’s staged slip and fall at an insured’s restaurant reveals a history of filing similar claims.

Workers' Compensation Medical Provider Networks

Medical Provider Networks

Customer participation helps set the stage for providing workers injured on the job with quality health care and controlling employer costs associated with work-related injuries. We are committed to helping our customers easily identify and access medical providers who understand the importance of treating work-related injuries with a focus on restoring the injured worker’s ability to return to work as soon as medically possible.

The advantages of utilizing a preferred provider network are many: easier and quicker access to quality medical care, a strong focus on medical and disability management and a shared commitment to helping control costs. You can find an in-network medical provider by using the "Find a Provider" functionality contained within this Web site.

 Find a Network Provider
To VIEW, PRINT or DOWNLOAD information and materials regarding network providers.  View this job aid for assistance.

Review current providers by location and specialty.

  • To nominate a provider, click on the nominations tab, complete the nomination form and send email.
  •  You can refine your search by provider type, location or name.

How to Request a Panel 

  • Internal CNA customers can send an email request to the Outlook mailbox PPO Panel Request.
  • External CNA customers can send an email request to

Information to Include in the Request:

  • Name of Insured
  • Address of Insured (including zip code)
  • List any specific physicians that should be included in the panel
  • Contact person
  • If the panel can be sent electronically, include an email address.
  • If the panel should be sent by hard copy, include mailing address.

Timeframe for Completing Panel Submissions:

  • Up to 10 panel requests will be provided within 24 to 48 hours of the request.
  • Between 10 and 40 panel requests will be provided within five business days of the request.
  • For more than 40 requests, the Operations team will provide an estimated time of completion

When it comes to knowing business insurance ...
we can show you more. ®

Access information and materials regarding:

Name: Contact:
Benefit Value Medical Insureds  
For policy issues and claim information.
Insureds: 800-869-0808
Providers: 803-736-6463
Business Liability Claims  

For claims involving bodily injury to non-employees or damage to the property of others.

For claim related question call the claim office nearest you.

Business Property Damage Claims  

For claims involving damage to your business property, contents or equipment.

For claim related questions call the claim office nearest you.

Foreign Claims outside the US  

To report a claim on foreign policies of US based companies (Passport or WorldPass):

See Global Lines Claim for more information.

Foreign Claims within the US  

To report a claim on foreign policies of US based companies (Passport or WorldPass) occurrring within the US, call  the following:  

See Global Lines Claim  for more information.

Group AD&D  
For policy issues and claim information.
Group Benefits  
For claim information regarding your Specialty Medical policy.
Insureds: 800-869-0808
Providers: 803-736-6463
Group Disability  
For claim-related questions and information.
To report a claim call
Group Life  
For policy issues and claim information.
To report a claim call
Group Long-Term Care  
For claims and related services for employers and employees.
To report a claim call
Group Medical  
For policy issues and claim information.
To report a claim call
Individual Life  
For policy issues and claim information.
To report a claim call
Individual Long-Term Care  

For policy issues and claim information.

To report a claim call
Institutional Markets  

 CNA Investor Services, Inc. 800-262-1036
Structured Settlements 877-633-5217
Annuity Client Services 800-304-3454
Pension Client Services 800-351-3001
Separate Account (B)
Institutional Markets - Separate Account (B)  
Separate Account (B)
Medical Professional or Product Liability  
For claims involving medical professional or medical product liability see CNA HealthPro Claim for more information.
Professional Liability  

For claims involving accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers, D&O, EPL, Fidelity, Insurance Agents, NFP Liability policies.

See Global Specialty Claim Management for more information.

Report Claim Fraud  
Or email us at
Workers' Compensation Claims  

For claims involving bodily injury to employees.

For claim related questions call the claim office nearest you.

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